Depression and anxiety: The mental challenges endured during coronavirus lockdown

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by hopelessness and despair. But these tips can help improve your mood and ease depression

struggling financially, and worried about if and when the economy will pick up. You could be grieving the loss of loved ones or the life you knew before the pandemic, or feeling frustrated and cut off by continued social distancing. Living in the age of coronavirus can have a profound effect on your mood.

A troubled relationship may be even worse than loneliness. While strong and supportive relationships are crucial for your mental wellbeing, being forced to spend months quarantined in a troubled, unhappy, or abusive relationships damaging to your mood than being alone.

Please change your time table in a lockdown, start new things such as online learning class ,exercise work in your self , best is a read books. Please fight to the depression . Depression kill to the person . In lockdown 80 percent people face to depression, depression is very harmful

Suicide through, A cause of extreme depression

  • Mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and anorexia can lead to suicide.
  • Substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • Suicide is a very bad ide Anybody in depression talk your parents true friend

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17 thoughts on “Depression and anxiety: The mental challenges endured during coronavirus lockdown

  1. Depression, in most cases can be overcome, but it takes work. It cannot be ignored; it will only get worse if not addressed. Most everyone suffers depression at some point. Typically it is a reactionary response to something in their life. As time passes, the pain and depression ease. When it continues to hang on for long periods of time and does not get better, it may need to be addressed with a professional.

    Thank You for sharing this information. Especially now, during the pandemic, others need to be alerted to the possibilities and the options to overcome. Blessisngs!

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