5 Exercises in a lockdown

Do you miss going to the gym or jogging in a park? We can’t do a lot of activities that we liked, like going for a swim, walk or cycling around the neighbourhood. And if these are your modes of exercising, then you’ve been forced to give them up.

The importance of exercise during COVID-19

Does exercise make our immunity stronger? Yes. Blood supply to all parts of the body increases. Cells get more oxygen and nutrients, which make them stronger and more capable of handling pathogens. And through exercise, you can also ward off illnesses like heart diseases or diabetes, which make COVID-19 fatal.

Exercise also releases endorphins or happy hormones that make us feel relaxed and calm. These hormones also help us cope with stress and anxiety- something we desperately need during this global health crisis.

5 Simple “Lockdown Exercises”

1. Squats

  • Squat with one dumbbell
  • Squat with dumbbells
  • Barbell squat
  • Wide leg  squat
  • Front squat
  • Wall sit
  • One-leg squat

Benefit:  squat can help build muscle, burn fat, increase strength and protect against disease

2. Elbow Plank 

Benefit: Plank exercises have several benefits, the most important one being core conditioning. plank  help develop strength in the shoulders, arms, and glutes. It’s one exercise that can help tone your belly, strengthen your lower back and improve your balance and posture. 

3. Forward Lunges

Benefit: Forward lunges work your glutes, thigh adductors, quadriceps and hamstrings, strengthening these muscles, and in turn improving your metabolism. This is a highly beneficial exercise. Doing the forward lunge also has an added advantage – it helps in improving your core strength since it engages your core muscles as well.

4. Push Ups (Inclined) for Beginners

Benefit: Push up is excellent as an at-home workout. Various muscle groups are used for this move, which allows for maximum growth, while also strengthening your shoulder joints.

5. Burpees

Benefit: Burpees are a great cardio exercise, this is a full-body strength training exercise, working out the the arms chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs

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