How to earn money at home in lockdown


earning money by selling your services or work to different organizations rather than being employed by a single company

Freelancing has always been a popular way to earn money online and the Internet has several options

I can provide link from freelance easy to apply

This image for freelance websites easy to apply

Starting your own website

available of many online option to help you put together your own website. This includes choosing the domain, templates, layout and the overall design for your website. blog best part to your information

wordpress ( easy to build your website) wordpress can help from beginners

It link of wordpress

Affiliate marketing

a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

This is like a symbiotic partnership. When visitors to your site buy products or services by clicking on such links, you earn out from

Use for link and share your product links. Affiliate marketing links use in your website and blog YouTube channel

Create youtube videos or a channel

How many times have you seen advertisements on YouTube videos? Until I’ve heard about money-making opportunities through YouTube, and you can earn profits by uploading videos to YouTube.You don’t need to spend much or purchase a good camera or device like that.

YouTube best for careers options, YouTube is used for marketing and you can create own channel , YouTube also used in vlogs video.

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