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Today is my birthday

Thank you for sticking up for me when I don’t have the will to fight for myself. Thank you for thinking about me, for worrying about me. Thank you for filling up my life with happiness. I believe the greatest blessing in my life is the people who are in it, and because of you, I am blessed.

Thank you for all the beautiful views we’ve seen together, whether that is snowy-covered mountain tops during our snowboarding sessions or shimmering waters during a ride on the Sea to Sky highway

2 month complete for my blogging website. It is very good experience. I can learn new things of blogs and digital marketing. I was starting blog website due to first lockdown. It very beautiful journey of blog website. Thanku for all audience, other bloggers, be happy and stay safe

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Published by Shivam Choudhary


78 thoughts on “Today is my birthday

  1. I pray for you . I hope all you dreams come true and all your wishes be fulfilled . Stay happy with your loved one . Happy birthday dear friend 🙂 ❣️ 🎂🎈🎈🎉🎉🍾🍾

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  2. Wow, can’t believe we share same birthday!!!

    I hope your day is going great so far.

    Do be blessed and rise to greater wins in all things.
    Happy bountiful birthday 🎈🥳🎉🎁🎊🌟🌠🌈🔥🔥

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