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Kangana Ranaut on how outsiders are exploiting in Bollywood

B’ wood operates like mafia, there’s no interference of law and order : kangana ranaut

Kangana Ranaut reacts to ‘personal agenda’ claim in Sushant Singh Rajput case: If I don’t end my enemies, they will end me

Kangana Ranaut Talks About a ‘Top Star’ Who Would Organise Parties Where Drugs Flowed Like Water
Kangana Ranaut tries to expose Bollywood’s drug culture.

She alleged that Bollywood actors have deep-rooted connections with the said mafia who consume these drugs like water.

The Queen actress further said that eminent politicians and cops are friends with the people involved with the drug mafia in Bollywood.

She asserted that the Mumbai Police is aware of such connections and looks the other way.

She also claimed that the wives of Bollywood’s big stars hosts parties wherein people who take part in such illegal activities are invited only.

These are the same people who promote nepotism and term talented outsiders as mental or depressed, who end up being killed by them,

Kangana ranaut, who has been strongly voicing her opinion in sushant Singh Rajput death case , has opened up on how outsiders are being exploited in the industry which operates like the underworld

Kangana also talked about a character actor who would spike her drinks and become violent with her. The actor has been quite vocal on issues like nepotism, favouritism, and lobbying in the industry. A few days back, when the drugs angle emerged in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, she said that she can help the Narcotics Control Bureau with the inside details of the industry but she would require protection from the central government.

Strong and fearless, Kangana Ranaut has inspired many young women to rise against unfairness with her words. Here are 5 quotable quotes by the actor that will inspire you.

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