Marks decide your future

No, marks don’t decide your future, but based on your marks you get admission into the good colleges or universities from where you can easily fulfill your dream. … your future depends only on your hardwork .

Your mark not depend upon your future our future is depend on our passion and which we are interested – nishu Singh

Marks is just a number it can’t decide your future. But your knowledge can your future

Giving a child the confidence to perform better the next time is crucial. If a child scores 40 in an exam, he must be encouraged to score 50 next time. Taking one step at a time not only improves a child’s performance but helps maintain a high self-esteem too,” says Jennifer Tavares, counsellor and special educator, Pledge Academy

Marks can’t decide your future not success in future. It increases your knowledge. knowledge is most important part, day to day increase your knowledge your field one you can success in life . Marks is only number not decided future but knowledge depends upon future or present. Knowledge is a real power.

Published by Shivam Choudhary


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